Our Partners

We are excited to announce a partnership with Wellness Constructs Pty. Ltd. in Australia. Wellness Constructs will be our distributors for Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Tom Cuddihy PhD.

Tom is currently a Director of Wellness Constructs Pty Ltd and Vice President of the National Wellness Institute of Australia. Tom is a Life Member of the Australian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation. His Doctorate was completed at Arizona State University in Curriculum and Wellness Instruction. He has been a health and wellness teacher as well as a physical education teacher in primary schools, secondary schools and Universities since 1971. He has mentored 14 PhD students to successful graduation. Tom has published over 60 papers in peer reviewed Journals and has co-authored several book chapters.

His research has been in measuring and reducing the volume of sedentary behaviours in adults and its relationship with Wellness. His students have investigated the role of physical activity (pa) expressed as daily energy expenditure or collection of at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous pa daily, and this link with total wellness. He has a particular interest in motivating the ‘physically active couch potatoes” to raise their habitual daily energy expenditure levels above the 1.5METs/Kg/hr. for most of their waking hours of the day. This research particularly highlights the need to keep sitting hours to less than 7 hours per day in conjunction with being sufficiently physically active increases the likelihood that such a person would be found in a higher wellness category.

He has a long time interest in measuring Wellness and the various proposed dimensions within Models of Wellness. In addition he has a keen interest in determining whether these dimensions are separate and mutually exclusive or whether they are hierarchically structured under a single Dimension named Wellness. These backgrounds and research publications make him an International leader in Wellness Education.

Bob Boyd


Bob brings almost 40 years’ experience across all areas of Personal and Corporate Wellness. His journey in the Wellness field commenced in 1976, as Director of the Heart Beat Centre, the inaugural Wellness Centre in Queensland, prescribing and supervising individual lifestyle programs and developing award winning company Health Management Programs. Bob has expanded his involvement over the years to Research, Lecture and Consult in the paradigm.

A Ministerial appointment to the Queensland State Steering Committee on Health Promotion in the Workplace preceded his appointment as the inaugural Director of the QUT Wellness Matters Program.

Founding President of the National Wellness Institute of Australia he has also over the years chaired a of a number of State and National bodies including Australian Fitness Accreditation Council (AFAC), Queensland Fitness Accreditation Council (QFAC) Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation Industry Training Council (QFSRITC), Queensland Gym Owners Association (QGOA) and Queensland Fitness and Health Association (QFHA). He currently sits on the National Wellness Institute (USA) Board of Directors.

The recent support for Workplace Wellness Promotion globally, nationally and locally has initiated a groundswell of organisations realising the corporate benefits of an integrated, evidence based sustainable Wellness Program. Bob is in the forefront of providing the education for the practitioners who are tasked with developing and implementing these programs. Co-Director of Wellness Constructs Pty Ltd he is passionate about bringing Wellness to workplace employees and the community.

He is an accredited Workplace Wellness Director, Wellness Culture Coach and Wellness Coach Trainer who has delivered conference presentations, workshops, training programs and consulted to businesses, associations, governments, and community groups Internationally and Nationally.

They have combined their extensive backgrounds and passion for wellness to establish Wellness Constructs Pty Ltd to deliver Consumer Wellness Advocate programs.

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